Intertwined by Design offers design guidance at all stages of planning

This is the first step in working with Intertwined by Design. The consultation is necessary for gathering information that will determine the focus for the design process. A two hour consultation with our designer on location in the space to be included in the project is the jump start for creating a successful design. Important topics covered in the consultation include wish lists, inspiration, current trends and decision-making as well as the scope of the project, timeframe and budget.

We provide inspiration and direction on color, texture, lighting, space, time and budget. Our designers assist in selection and decision-making in addition to offering tips and tricks for buying furnishings and other decor items as well as access to our contractor referral list and favorite vendors and markets.

Design ServicesDesign Services

Color Selection

Color options are endless. Let us help guide your decision with our expertise.

Design ServicesDesign Services


Design incorporating homeowner items and specially selected updated items.

Design ServicesDesign Services

Targeted Shopping

Helping to guide your personal vision with our sharp attention to detail.

Design ServicesDesign Services

Unique Spaces

Our design services extend beyond traditional spaces.


“Sofas and tables and chairs, oh my!” Intertwined by Design has over 10 years of experience working with furniture suppliers and vendors locally and online. We will be your guide as you purchase furniture and decor items.


Unique accents pull it all together. The design dilemma which eludes most homeowners. The right accessories elevate the design. The piece de resistance!

3Found Treasure

It is the thrill of the hunt for our designers as we incorporate vintage and/or antique items from your home or from outside sources. These one of a kind finds make your space unique. The key to making it all work is the balance of old and new to achieve a fresh yet homey vibe.

4Scale & Proportion

An important factor but typically a big misstep in home design. Our designer’s experience and keen eye are just what is needed to get this right.


The accompaniment to scale and proportion. A timeless challenge for homeowners. This is important for the positive flow in a space and determines the most efficient use of the piece of furniture or accessory.


A playful technique using surfaces to bounce light around the room, add depth and perception, and create changes. Variations of rough and smooth, soft and hard, light and dark, natural and manufactured. Using texture correctly ensures success in a tone-on-tone design and the added interest in all decor styles.

7Floor Coverings

“It’s all about the ‘base’!” Aside from the walls and ceiling, it’s usually the largest area and a big bang for your buck when thinking of updating. The floors in a home are the area most affected by daily use but often overlooked as an impactful design element.